This simple 15 minute activity transformed my life

It’s been more than twenty-five years since I first began what has now become a daily habit of reading personal development, biographies and business books daily. I only do it for ten to fifteen minutes a day but it has literally transformed my life. By now, I’ve read over 500 books and listened to countless […]

Here is an amazingly simple way to earn extra income

Why making big rocks into little rocks is not just for prisoners

My friend Rick Lewis was relating a story to me one day that I think has, within it, a business lesson for us all. Rick is the owner of Homestead Coffee Roasters & General Store in Upper Black Eddy, PA. It’s a wonderful place I go regularly. As the story goes, many years ago when […]

80% of small businesses do not have a professional coach

Having a business coach is one of the smartest things a business can do. So why do more not do it?

In my experience, only about one-in-five small businesses are working with a professional business coach. This is disturbing to me because having a coach can be one of the smartest business decisions a business owner can make. While there are numerous reasons for this dismal statistic, I’d like to address one specific one below, namely […]

Is your mind your greatest enemy?

Our conscious mind is driven, mainly by our ego, and as such continues to create drama in our lives. Our ego, in order to keep itself in charge, creates these little dramas which are designed to widen the (imagined) separation between ourselves and others. The ego loves the “Us” versus “Them” concept and revels in […]

What would you do if your job disappeared tomorrow?

working women

In the uncertain world we’re living in this is a real possibility for most people. I’m not trying to be a downer but an unexpected job loss can devastate many families. In my view you have two choices. You can spend your days becoming more and more stressed, worrying about your future, doing whatever you’re […]