Breaking through your limiting beliefs

If you’ve been following my last few posts, you’ve identified some of what’s been blocking you from reaching your goals. You’ve identified your limiting beliefs and begun to examine them. If you have not done so, please read the earlier posts below: What are you “expecting?” “Whatsoever you believe . . . Once you’ve surfaced the […]

You don’t have to know “how” in order to achieve your goals


I was speaking to a group of people at a large company the other day. Toward the end of my presentation, as I usually do, I opened the discussion up to questions from participants. Near the end of my time a young woman asked a goal related question that, unfortunately, I did not have time to […]

“Whatsoever you believe . . .

Aligning your subconscious mind with your goals


When I wrote earlier about my intention to blog more each week I didn’t factor in the time it was going to take to get over my recent experience with pneumonia. I’ll get there but bear with me. This is taking longer than I thought. I learned two important things during this. One, I’m not […]

What are you “expecting?”


In the last post, we explored the idea that it is you expectation that determines your results as much as anything else you do. What do you expect? When you go to a restaurant, is your expectation paving the way for a wonderful experience or are you, perhaps unconsciously, imagining a problem? You may even be […]

You have dreams but you’re not achieving them. Why not?

What to do when the Law of Attraction does not work


This is the time of year when we’re all thinking and talking about our goals, resolutions, intentions, dreams, and plans for the year ahead. Since this is a subject I’ve been teaching for more than twenty years I will, of course, delve deeper into this all-important topic but before I do I want to explore more […]