What do you say to yourself when you spend money?

How does spending money feel to you?

Christmas shopping in New York

When you go shopping and make a purchase, what are you mentally saying to yourself? How does that feel? Does it feel good to spend your money or are you like those people who feel guilty after buying something? Do you complain about “the price of things” even though you have plenty to meet your needs? Be […]

The road back

Looking back thirty years to where it all began

sleeping on a park bench

Thirty years ago this past week, I was at the lowest point I’ve ever been, financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually broke. I thought my life was over. I didn’t know where I would go or how I was going to survive. It was the end of my ten year downward spiral to the bottom, my […]

Aligning with the Universe to create your dream life

rainbow over Taunton, Ma

In an earlier post titled, “Where does your money come from?” we explored the idea that God, or whatever Higher Power you believe in, is the only true source of our supply and that everything, including money, flows from that same benevolent, unlimited Source. When you “get” this your life will never be the same […]

Health information you deserve to know

You won't see this on TV news

spring-lake-2014-storm - 11

If you’ve been following any of my Social Media postings or are on my email list, you’ve probably heard about the massive email promotion that’s been going on to bring the Truth About Cancer information to you through a series of documentary’s with leading Doctors from across the globe. You can see these free video’s here […]

Where does your money come from?

cat with money

If you’re a senior citizen depending on Social Security or someone who’s on disability or welfare you might say, “the government.” If you work for a company, you may reply, “my job.” If you own your own business, you could tell me, “It’s my customers, of course.” In each of the examples above you’d be wrong! Believing […]