Fastest way to earn extra holiday money

Why just spend for the holidays when you can earn extra income?

With the holiday’s fast approaching, in addition to shopping for bargains, a lot of people would like to earn extra income. For the next few posts, let’s look at some ways you can do this, easily and quickly. First, let’s look at what I consider the easiest and fastest way to earn extra income. Yes, I am referring […]

Don’t let the gremlins in your head sabotage your next sales presentation

small-biz-meetup - 3

For decades companies have spent fortunes training sales organizations. For the most part this has been money well spent. Any good training will improve a person’s performance, especially in the selling profession. In training and coaching salespeople over the years I’ve come to realize that a major reason for the problems they encounter in the […]

Change and growth doesn’t come easily

Sunrise, Spring Lake NJ

I first read the quote below in 1986 and immediately understood what he meant. It explained the roller coaster ride I had just spent a decade of my life on. I was, without knowing it, experimenting with my own life. During that time I found myself in situations which, among other things, gave me opportunities […]

What’s been going on with me and my health

A couple of weeks ago I published the post below on Facebook to let people know what has been going on in my life, particularly my health. To say I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayers, love, light and suggestions I received would be a huge understatement. I did this, because as I have […]