When I was lost in the abyss

A reporter called my life at the time aimless wandering and she was right

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A number of years ago our local newspaper, the Doylestown Intelligencer, wrote a feature article about me. In the article the journalist, Naila Frances who did a terrific job of capturing my essence, used the phrase, Aimless wandering to describe where my life was at its low point.

Sadly this is what many people, especially young people, are doing with their life. In my case it was part and parcel to the dysfunctional life I was living at the time, although even before that my life had little or no direction.

Unless you were raised in a positive environment and regularly exposed to personal development principles like creative dreaming, imagining, goal setting, belief shifting and the like, you’re probably doing something similar.

The problem is these success principles are not typically taught in school. Way back in 1963 W Clement Stone, originator of the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) slogan and mega entrepreneur, asked why.

In 1991 my good friend Jeff Keller, author of “Attitude is Everything,” and myself asked the same question.

Here we are in 2017 and nothing’s changed.

Whatever the age when you are exposed to these ideas, it’s important that you get it. In my case I was almost in mid-life when I first began studying what makes the difference between success and living a life of quiet desperation, as Thoreau suggested most people live.

When I began studying what made some people successful, giving them a life of meaning, it was like a light bulb was turned on in a darkened room.

Most of us are taught that life happens and it’s our job to deal with it. Not true.

Nothing in the universe just “happens.” It’s all a result of the “Principle of Cause and Effect.” Unfortunately we have been taught to look at the effect and change it.

A person is overweight and goes on a diet. How many of us have done that over and over again with little or no result?

The excess weight, lack of money, or whatever else we are experiencing in our life are merely “effects” and can be traced back to an underlying cause.

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