Are you acting in alignment with what you want or are you pushing your goals away?

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I read something in the book The Secret, that like many of the ideas in the book, is quite profound.

By the way if you don’t have a copy of this book, I suggest you get one.

If you’ve read any of my books, the ideas from the secret will seem familiar to you, however it’s a beautifully written book with powerful ideas and suggestions from some of the top people in the personal development field.

One of the sentences that struck me was “When you want to attract something, make sure your actions do not contradict what you are asking for.”

This is one of those ideas that, on the surface seem obvious but, when explored deeper, are quite profound.

How many of us experience a desire and then act the opposite of what we say that we want?

For example, are you one of those people who, while you want more money, says things like, “I can’t afford that!” Saying things that are not in alignment with what you desire will prevent your good from coming to you.

Remember we attract what we think about and speak about.

If you go through life looking at things that you like and are saying “I can’t afford that.” You never will.

Do you desire health?

Then why do you look in the mirror everyday and notice how overweight you are?

Again, you can not attract what you want by noticing what you do not want. The more you notice your being overweight, the harder it will be to lose the weight and become healthier.

mirror imageInstead, when you look in the mirror, notice those things that you do like about yourself and are proud of.

Start affirming that you are becoming more and more fit each day.

Start seeing yourself at your ideal weight.

Do you want a loving, passionate relationship but spend your days noticing all the things about your partner that bother you?

As the line in the TV commercial once said, “You can’t get there from here.”

Start noticing what you do like and appreciate about your loved one and watch your relationship change.

Remember the law of attraction is always working in your life and does not judge. If you say you want one thing, but then behave in a manner that is out of alignment with that, you’re consistent behavior and what you steadily tell yourself and are “expecting” will be the dominant vibration. This is vibration that will resonate with and attract a similar vibration.

Your job is to keep your dominant vibration, your point of focus, on what you want. The more you do this, the more you will see your vision taking hold and the more your life will change for the better.

A key principal here is to keep reaching for the thought that feels better. Spend more time thinking about and affirming what you do want and less time (or no time at all) focused on what you don’t want or don’t yet have.

Your vision will manifest. Just hold true to your desires, let go of the outcome and trust it will all work out.


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