Farewell to 2016, looking ahead, and uncovering everything you want

What's happening with me, plans for the new year and an activity to determine what you want

Greetings of the season to you and your family In this post: Update on my health Looking forward What about you? Your Activity step In wrapping up 2016 I’d like to update you as to what’s been happening with me, what’s changed, and what I’m planning for the New Year. As many of you already […]

It’s a quarter past 2013. Do you know where you are?

Yes, the title above is  take-off on an old TV public service message that asked, “It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your children are?” I know, I’m dating myself:-) Seriously though, it’s the end of the first quarter. Are you on track to reach your yearly goals? Let’s face it, the clock is ticking. […]

Do you believe you can be spiritual and wealthy?

Whoever said you can’t be both spiritual & wealthy was dead WRONG! But do you believe me? I mean really, deep down in your core, do you believe that wealth and spirit are truly partners? Let me share with you this incredibly inspiring true story of how Andrrea Hess transformed her screeching-halt-business into a 50-thousand-a-month […]