The Silent Killer of the American Economy

During recent elections a lot was said about the economy and how we need to Make America Great Again. President-elect Donald Trump became one of the few non-politicians in recent history elected to the highest office in the land, campaigning heavily on that platform. This is understandable considering how many hardworking people have been struggling […]

Don’t let the gremlins in your head sabotage your next sales presentation

For decades companies have spent fortunes training sales organizations. For the most part this has been money well spent. Any good training will improve a person’s performance, especially in the selling profession. In training and coaching salespeople over the years I’ve come to realize that a major reason for the problems they encounter in the […]

What Google got right than everyone else did not

Google's strategic decision contributed to who they are today

A lot can be learned by looking at the differences between Google and Yahoo that contributed to the success of one and the almost total demise of the other. First let me clear up the misinformation about the Google story perpetuated by various TV specials. In case you don’t remember, Google did not invent pay […]

Is what you are telling yourself every day derailing your success?

Your words have power, choose them wisely

As a writer I have more than a passing interest in words. Using and manipulating words is how I make my living and have for many years. It’s truly a God-given gift, in that it has always come easily to me and it’s something I enjoy. From the work I’ve done over the past two […]