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In author Jim Donovan’s book, Take Charge of Your Destiny, you will learn how you can create a compelling vision for your future. It begins by eliminating subconscious obstacles so you can start to design and craft a life of abundance. This is the kind of life you were born to live. Donovan changed his situation from one of poverty and misery to his current life of success and happiness.

In this book, he outlines the path to fulfillment and positive life change as well as powerful, personal development tips including:

  • How to break the illusions holding you back
  • How to use your favorite music
  • How to harness the Laws of Attraction
  • How to avoid negative energy of others
  • How to become captain of your health team
  • How to attract more money easily
  • How to live in a positive state of mind
  • How to take the first steps to ultimate success


About Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan, who for more than twenty years has been a speaker and a coach, is a recognized thought leader in the field of personal development. In addition, his books and teachings have positively impacted the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

Speaking openly about his pain and struggle, what he calls his “decade of destruction,” and sharing the ideas and techniques that enabled him to radically change his life have made him a sought - after speaker and trainer for business events and meetings.  Jim’s unique sense of humor, coupled with his varied life experiences, allows him to connect with people from all walks of life.

Several of his books have been international bestsellers, bringing his message of hope and possibility to people everywhere.  Jim’s articles have appeared in numerous print and digital magazines, and he is a frequent media guest and expert source on human performance and personal development.

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Bonus #1

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Learn how you can earn more money without quitting your job, mortgaging your home or risking your savings

How would you feel if you could make more money anytime you wanted . . . without leaving your present job or risking your savings . . . even if you’re starting from scratch, with little or no money?

Bonus #2

Allowing Abundance

How you can align your conscious and sub-conscious mind to attrct more money

Recorded live. In this powerful and fast moving audio you will learn:

How you can align your conscious and subconscious mind to create the wealth you desire - Why your financial security is up to you - Why depending on the government and Social Security may leave you eating pet food in your old age - How just 15 minutes each day can dramatically change your life - How you can gently but steadily shift your limiting beliefs - How you can begin to feel wealthy even if you’re not quite there yet - How you an align your energy and overcome the fears that are blocking your success - And more!

Bonus #3 

Yes You Can

Listen to this fast moving 32 minute audio and learn how you can create the life you were born to live. Recorded live at a Women's Health Summit in NJ.

Learn: Key strategies for a successful life - How the law of attraction is at work in our lives and ways to harness this powerful universal law to our advantage in our personal, professional and family life - How to identify the blocks that prevent us from experiencing life to the fullest and what to do about it - To create a compelling vision for their future and harness the power of their subconscious mind to make it a reality - How to align their mental, emotional and physical energy and take inspired action, producing results beyond expectations.

Bonus #4

Success and Happiness

Success and Happiness brings you the combined wisdom of sixteen of the leading experts in the field of personal development.

You will learn from internationally recognized authors, coaches and trainers. Each brings a different perspective to these all important subjects, and each is committed to leading you to your own personal breakthroughs.


Earn more money - Advance in your career - Attract supportive, loving relationships - Be happier regardless of your circumstances - Make the most of your unique talents - And more

Bonus #5 

Make More Sales

We are all in sales regardless of whether your business cards says “sales person” or not. This book will provide you with simple, practical ideas and techniques you can put to use immediately to become a more professional and successful sales person. 

Understating the basic process of a sale will make you better prepared to present your product or service to your prospective customers, eliminate time that would have been wasted on weak prospects and give you the training necessary to go from a good sales person to a professional sales person.

Make More Sales is a fast read and, at only 40 pages, it's designed to get you selling more right away.

Bonus #6 

The Little Book That Can Change Your Life

The Little Book That Can Change Your Life is for busy people on the go. People who want to get the major steps to success – now.

Learn how to tap into your innermost desires to create the life you were born to live. Use the ideas in this course to go from where you are right now to where you want your life to go.

Change the beliefs that are stopping you from the life you want, conquer your fears, commit to your success, and know how to take inspired action to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Learn to create a compelling vision for your most amazing future and set goals and action steps necessary to make it yours.

Know how to not only manage change but master it and ways to turn your problems into opportunities.

Get started today, living your most amazing and awesome life.

Bonus #7 

Growing Your Business in Difficult Times

In this short Special Report learn 6 simple steps you can take right now to grow your business, regardless of economic conditions.

With the economic challenges we're facing, too many small business owners are finding their business moving in the wrong direction.

In many cases, what were once growing, thriving businesses are now heading into a downward spiral of cutbacks, layoffs, and, in too many cases, bankruptcies. Owners are watching as their customers dwindle and revenues drop.

So, what can a small business owner who is trying to prosper in today's climate do to turn things around? While you may not be able to do much about the nation's economy as a whole, there are proactive steps you can take, regardless of outside circumstances.

Bonus #8

Make Money With Information Products - Audio

Learn how to create market, sell your own information products, and join the elite group of info-preneurs who are residual passive income year after year even while they are on vacation.  

In this audio recording you will learn about the "Information Business." 

Learn all the “insider secrets” to creating, launching and selling your own highly profitable information products.  Once you know the process, you will be able to develop a significant passive residual income.  

The truth is your income potential from information products is unlimited.  It really depends on how much attention you give it and how many products you create.

Don’t be mislead by people telling you its like “rolling out of bed”, it’s not!  It’s a complicated process that can easily overwhelm you to the point that you give up.  

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