Goal setting without an action plan is a recipe for failure

One of the “secrets” to creating a life that you’ve always wanted, accomplishing your goals, and making your dreams come true, is taking regular focused action towards their achievement. One tool that has had a profound impact in my life, is something that I learned during one of my coach training programs.

You have created a long-term vision, set your one-year goals based on that vision, and then broken those goals into smaller three month goals. We will now take it one-step further.

Look at your three month goals and see what you can do in the next thirty days to move toward this accomplishment. Then, write each of these on an index card, on your smart phone or iPad. These are something you can carry with you and read whenever you want.

You may want to complete a mini version of this exercise for a specific area of your life. I have a mini version for my books and writing, as well as, my seminars and business programs.

I also have one for my health and fitness goals. These simple tools help keep me focused and on track as I actively create the life I want to live.

I use my cards like this: On one side of the card I write the goal in an exciting and positive way, being sure to put a great deal of emotion into it, include why I want this, and how I will feel when it is accomplished.

Then, on the other side I listed specific actions that I will take during the next thirty days that will move me toward making the goal a reality. After using these cards for a period of time, I discovered some interesting things. Before I begin my day, or prior to working on a particular area I will read the card.

This puts me in the high, positive emotional state and I’m already attracting what I want to me. Additionally, I found when I do this, and then turn the card over and read my actions, more often then not, I will think of another small action that I can take to move me toward my desired outcome. I call this inspired action.

For example, in working with the card for my seminars recently, as I read my goal and looked at my list of actions, I was inspired to contact a non-profit agency and discuss how I might help them by leveraging my seminars. This “inspired action” will produce additional income for me and help the struggling charity raise some much needed money.

The reason this is so effective is that by first reading your goal, with feeling, you create a mental and emotional state that is conducive to manifesting it. The ideas that come while you are in that state tend to be more inspired and creative then what you might normally think to do.

The more passionate and excited you are about your goals and the more that you’re in that state of feeling as though they have already happened, the more you are tapping into the Higher Guidance that is available to us all.

Your sub-conscience mind will go to work to find new ways for you to accomplish your goals. Doors will open. The right people will come into your life. All sorts of things will occur to help you along your path.networking-central-bucks-county-[a

If you find this idea a bit to far out, I challenge you to use it for a few months and see if you don’t agree that the actions you are being inspired to take are significantly more creative than you have been used to.

This is not just a nice theory. All of the ideas, tools and techniques I write and speak about have been used successfully by myself and others.

I have never written anything without first using it in my own life for validation. I believe that this is one of the reasons people have responded so well to my books. I am able to write with certainty, having appointed myself as the guinea pig in my own life’s experiment.

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