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Why making big rocks into little rocks is not just for prisoners

My friend Rick Lewis was relating a story to me one day that I think has, within it, a business lesson for us all. Rick is the owner of Homestead Coffee Roasters & General Store in Upper Black Eddy, PA. It’s a wonderful place I go regularly.

As the story goes, many years ago when Rick was in the stone quarry business, a man came in inquiring about buying stone. At the time stone, used for driveways and landscaping, was sold by the truckload, as it typically is now.

This particular man, however, wanted to buy the stone in bags, weighing ten or twenty pounds each.

The quarry people laughed, never having heard such a crazy idea. Who, they chuckled, would buy small bags of stone?

The inquiring customer, however, foresaw the emerging home gardening craze and wanted to cater to the growing demand for smaller quantities of stone for home use.

Looking at this today, with home Garden Centers everywhere, it’s obvious but back then it was a radical idea.

Interestingly Staples used this same concept with fine printing papers, offering smaller packages of 100 sheet packs for home use as an alternative to the old printing industry standard of 5,000 sheet cases.

Why this matters to you

If you’re looking for ways to add income to your life, this may be an idea you can use.

For example, one individual I know of is running an eBay business, buying large quantities of a single item, either on eBay or Alibaba, and offering them in smaller quantities for resale right back on eBay to people who cannot use the higher quantity.

How to use this idea in your business

Is there a product or line of products you could buy in a reasonably large quantity, making it much less costly per unit than what the typical buyer spends?

You can then sell them in any number of ways, from eBay and Amazon, to your local flea market or swap meet.

There are a lot of nooks and crannies where you can earn extra income, it’s just a matter of conditioning your mind to see opportunities instead of problems.

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