The land of the free and the home of the brave. Really?

I realize this post is quite a departure from what I typically write, however, I feel it’s important and needs to be said. My books, articles and blog posts are usually designed to motivate, empower, encourage us all to hold ourselves to a higher standard and create the life we’ve always wanted, but we’re at a critical stage in the US in particular and the world in general.

I encourage your comments below, even if you disagree with my position. I do ask, however, that you be respectful. Discourse is a good thing and the freedom of expression is one of the freedoms I swore to defend when I took an oath upon entering the US Army many years ago.

United States Military Academy at West Point, NY

Aside from those people serving in the military, law enforcement and emergency services who put their lives on the line daily, the rest of us have turned into a bunch of wimps, easily manipulated by the blinking beam of our big screen televisions and a host of other distractions that keep us deluded into feeling safe and secure.

Is America still the home of the brave? Really?

If we were brave we would not let our elected officials make decisions based on their personal and political motives, ignoring what is best for the people they were elected to serve. We would demand they put our needs first.

Get involved and engaged in the political process, especially at the local level. Change begins in our own backyards.

If we were brave we would not let judges, Supreme Court and otherwise, make insane rulings like claiming that corporations have the same rights as individuals, a move that has enabled big business to buy Congress.

It’s time to put controls on campaign contributions and reel in the special interest groups lobbying their cause regardless of it’s effect on the population.

If we were brave, we’d get involved in the decisions that affect our families instead of being manipulated into a trance, watching mindless reality shows that make stars out of people whose values are, at best, questionable.

If we were brave we would demand that our schools educate our children instead of dispensing Ritalin and other drugs designed to make them docile and easily controlled. We would demand that food choices be improved and that junk food be take out of schools, regardless of how much money giant corporations dangle in front of schools boards.

If you have children in school, make a point of attending School Board meetings and demand accountability.

If we were brave we would yell, “Enough,” And refuse to buy food products made with high fructose corn syrup and other poisons that are responsible for the obesity epidemic and declining health in our country.

We would demand that the FDA and USDA stop bending to the wants and whims of the industries they’re supposed to regulate and start doing their job of protecting the American people.

If we were brave we would stop supporting companies whose practices are unethical, refusing to buy their products until they change or just let them go out of business and let them be replaced with honest, moral, ethical businesses who will provide value and treat their customers and employees fairly.

If we were truly brave we’d take back our country and put a stop to financial waste at every level of government.

We’d put an end to multi-generational welfare and put able bodied people to work. We would take back our cities, put criminals in jail, and stop sending money to countries who are supporting the terrorists that are killing our troops.

If we were brave we would get off the sidelines, reclaim our power, become involved, and take back America.

I don’t know about you but I’m mad as heck and not going to take it anymore. The time has come for every one of us to do whatever she or he can to help restore the United States to the level of success and respect we once held.



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26 thoughts on “The land of the free and the home of the brave. Really?

  1. i thank God for your life the gift of life, im convienced that im on track cos i have a great coach bless you sir.

  2. The only way, and i mean the only way that anything is ever going to change in this country is a simple two parter….we need an enlightened more active consciousness and we also need to abolish the federal reserve and the establishment……fractional reserve banking destroys this country and our monetary system enslaves us all….this system was set up for a reason….slavery real slavery through the use of debt…..get educated people….that’s our best defense and offense…..the will of the intellectual masses can prevail and will!!!!

      • In regards to the respect issue aforementioned by one of the comments posted. Respect is a non emotionally attached human behavior that we are conditioned to…what we are born with is love and compassion for our race. The human race.and us being of higher consciousness than animals (intelligent reasoning), means we have an obligation through compassion to love one another and teach one another….you blame the higher UPS for their weilding of power and corruption and don’t deserve your respect…well then….since you realize that you and we are unlimited beings, love more than you rebuke those that aren’t as enlightened as yourself, be the change you wish to see in the world….then you won’t need any respect, you will have deep self love,….that will result in our better world and you will have such unlimited abundance…..however you define that….

  3. Has anyone else noticed how often a drug goes from the commercials that say, “Talk to your doctor about XYZ,” to the ads by attorneys a couple of years later that say, “If you or a loved one have been harmed or died as a result of using XYZ, contact the Law Firm of…?” Did you know that the FDA does not actually do any of it’s own testing prior to approving any drug? Approval is based on the, “Research,” and, “testing,” done by, THE COMPANY WISHING TO MARKET THE DRUG. To me, at least, this seems like exhibit A in the, “Fox guarding the hen house,” trial. Actually, my biggest message on health is to do all that you can to not get sick in the first place, such as a healthy, organic diet, but if that isn’t enough to keep you out of harm’s way, I just would consider trying to find ways other than taking drugs. Isn’t it sad that that is all that a doctor will do for you, as in load you up with chemicals. Does anyone really think that that is how our bodies were made to function or that any of us are not well because we are experiencing a missing, “Chemical,” problem?

    • Thanks, Kathleen, for your comment. You hit on something very close to me. In “Don’t Let an Old Person Move Into Your Body, I wrote 38 pages about health and have a resource section on my site that lists several of what I call “The new breed of doctor.” These are traditional doctors who have also been trained in integrative medicine. I think this is one of the better ways. They diagnose with traditional means and treat, when possible, with natural solutions. I also work with many types of other health professionals. And, yes, the FDA is a farce.

  4. Dear Don: I congratulate you on having the courage to say what you feel when you believe it needs saying. With all due respect, however, your post strikes me as just another rant of a frustrated man, rather than a genuine call to arms. Yes, of course we should rein in campaign spending, make government agencies accountable, stop fiscal waste and demand that our government serve us, not the other way around. This isn’t anything we don’t already know. The question is, how? Attending school board meetings sounds great but, in my experience, is actually just an exercise in frustration. A better suggestion might be do whatever you have to do to JOIN your school board, but how many people are willing to make that kind of commitment in time and effort?

    I have lost count of the number of blog entries I’ve read where the author decries the troubled state of America, rails against politicians large and small, the government, and that Evil-of-all-Evils, Big Business, and posits that we should do “something,” without offering a single, genuine, workable option for change or improvement. No, I don’t have one, either. Which is why I refuse to add my voice to the complaining chorus, which is what I think you just did.

    When you can offer more workable and specific suggestions than “we should stop supporting X” or “get involved,” I’d love to hear them.

    • Julie,

      (I’m not sure who Don is but:-) While you make valid points, I have to point out that I am a writer and what we do is write. Since I have a public voice I feel obligated to inform people and stir things up which it seems I’ve done:-) And in my own defense, there is another part of my life that I’m not writing about which is what I am personally doing on a local level to work toward change.

      I certainly agree that we need to do more, however, the more conversations we can start around important topics, the better. Not talking is the worst possible plan since that’s how tyrants get into power. The more our problems become topics of conversation, especially around the dinner table, the more we will start to move toward change and, yes, we can all be doing more.

      One simple and effective thing we can all do right now is stop supporting the food companies who are selling junk. Companies using ingredients like High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, food colorings and the like. Stewarts soda comes to mind since I got a major headache from unknowingly drinking. They are claiming “Since 1924” when, in fact HFCS did not exist then.

  5. I had to share on FB!!!! …Outstanding and to the point! And, together, with integrity and love, we can move mountains!

  6. Jim,
    Quite the timely piece with election day just around the corner.
    Unfortunately our choices have been reduced to the lesser of two evils since both of the dominat party’s are different sides of the same coin.
    Sometimes I feel like the right to vote is a ploy to get the masses to buy into the coersion and corruption that permeates politics today and the only ethical thing to do is not to vote at all.
    If you build it they will come and if you don’t then they will go away.
    Yes, get more involved in a grassroots movement and uproot the weeds that have over run this country but anarchy may be the only solution to right the wrongs that exist today.
    God Bless America wherever she may be.

    • John, THanks for your comment. I’m not sure anarchy is the answer, maybe, but I am with you on getting involved in local issues. I think that’s where we can actually effect change.

  7. The Canadian side of the border has this one big gripe the Canadian government just has too break that great big flashing neon sign down and get rid of it the one that flashes continuously 24 hrs a day that say’s come too Canada because Canada is a free Country for the immigrant’s that come here we will give you our Country for free all of it the more the merrier come one come all that is what need’s too be destroyed once and for all …………………

  8. Great use of wording that conjure up solutions for the ills of our country. Accountability, getting involved at the local level, controls on campaign contributions, stop supporting companies whose practices are unethical, stop financial waste at every level of the government.

    My question is this, since we ARE brave, when will we start to practice what we preach to other countries. Whimp? naah -we’re not whimps, we just need to be reminded….the we the people, are the United States. We just need to act like it. I might sound corny, but I truly believe in America.

    So if the purpose of your blog is to remind us of our responsibility to our lifestyle, I am in…and thanks

  9. Jim, Thank you for those well thought out words. I am not American but My Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War and my Grandfather and father were American. I am a retired Canadian who is now a Mexican citizen. That being said I am still a believer in a STRONG America and I am sadly disappointed in what has happened to America in the last 30 years. And yes it is time for every thinking citizen to stand up and say “enough is enough.” There are ways to turn the economy around without the so called “help” of the government. Isn’t that an oxymoron?
    Just think if 2 out of every 10 consumers started tomorrow and every time they took an item off the shelf, they turned it over. If it didn’t say “made in America”, simply put it back on the shelf and vote with your wallet. Trust me if 20 or 30 million consumers suddenly started demanding products made in American the merchants would find a way to get them and manufacturers would supply them. Look at that for a job creator that can happen immediately and wouldn’t take so much as a phony sit down argument in Congress. Go for it America. It’s time to take back your country and restore it’s greatness. Art

    • THanks Art. I think the issues I mentioned are also effecting other countries. And, yes, made in America used to mean something and we need to return to that.

      • Hope you find this encouraging Art, but I have been doing exactly that for over a year now. I have two reasons, 1. It should be made in America for all of the logical reasons, and, 2. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock should be very afraid of the HIGH potential for toxic leeching or out gassing of lead and who knows what else in anything, Made in china. And, FYI, I don’t have enough respect for their manufacturing practices after all of the poisonings to capitalize the, “C.”

  10. No, we are not the land of the brave. We are the land of the handout and dependency. The politicians of both (or is that the ONE, whatever happened to those other voices?) parties buy votes by generously giving out the money of the hard working taxpayers. If there was not so much power to buy then the problem of corporations buying it would not be such a problem. All the sheeple can think of is begging the government to pass more laws and spend more money on their own pet projects.
    Do you really think you have any control over any level of government? Good luck with that.

  11. One of the most destructive lies of our time is that; “Everyone deserves respect.” I know it may seem radical to reject that idea, but do you really respect government leaders who misuse public trust for their own benefit? Do you really respect people who commit illegal or immoral (yes, there are still moral standards!) actions with callous disregard for the people they hurt? Do you really, at the most sincere gut level, believe that “Everyone deserves respect”? I don’t, and I’m betting that most people really don’t, either.

    There was a time when children were taught that respect was earned, and not automatically bestowed by a societal lack of standards. When we buy into the idea that everyone, regardless of their behavior or actions, is entitled to respect, we reduce the worth and power of the respect that is truly deserved by only those who have earned it.

    The United States of America once held world wide respect because our nation had earned it. That respect is largely gone, The rest of the world doesn’t believe “Everyone deserves respect”, and it’s time we stop kidding ourselves and lying to our children. Respect is earned, and not everyone is deserving.

    • Thanks for commenting Michael. The “respect” I was referring to in the post was to comment respectfully, which you did. No, I don’t respect corruption either and agree that one earns respect.

  12. Well-put, Jim. Totally non-partisan because it really doesn’t matter WHICH side does this — they all should or they don’t deserve our support.

    Corporations are not people. You are totally correct. There are created by people. They are made up of people. But…houses are created by people, too. So are streets. Are those people, too?


    I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when I watched our nation’s congress rail against “undo influence” and promise time and time again to “reign in lobbyists and external donations” then — the Supreme Court blew all that out of the water by, instead, making it perfectly legal for ANY corporation of ANY size to make all the UNLIMITED DONATIONS THEY WANT to either side through private PACs that don’t even have to report who their donors are.

    It’s like Congress was saying one thing — then the Supreme Court set it all up how they REALLY wanted it.


    Even more sad — we have presidential candidates saying they will work to overturn Roe v. Wade but hear NOTHING about overturning Citizens United (which is absolutely anything BUT).


    • Thanks, Alan, I appreciate your comment. You’re right, we have to stop letting special interests buy congress. Until then not much will change. What are they smoking at the Supreme Court? Can the rest of us get some?:-)

  13. I whole heartily agree with that. We all need to stand up and say enough is enough. Thanks for your service, the both of you. I lost an uncle in vietnam,
    my father is a 20 yr veteran.
    Thanks guys

    • Thanks for your comment Robert. I think people are starting to take back their power and control. That’s one of the reasons I wrote what I did. It’s time to make positive changes and get our nation back to where we belong.

  14. So true. I served two years in the Army, including a year on the front lines as an infantry medic in the jungles of Vietnam. That war was one of the first times that people started standing up and saying, “Hey, wait a minute, that’s not why I’m proud to be American.” I stood up and shouted long and hard starting then, and I still do protest in my own ways. The word is mightier than the sword, and those who still care need to get some backbone, stand up, stop corruption in all its guises, and start leading not just America, but all of humanity, to a better future for all.

    • Don,
      I could not have said it any better myself. And, yes, it wasn’t until the masses started protesting that things changed.