How I lost 26 1/2 pounds and got my star on the Weight Watcher’s wall of fame

Typically when someone decides to go on a weight loss program they start looking for a diet to follow and make lists of foods they can and cannot eat. They prepare for the drudgery of following a diet and hunker down, ready for the struggle. Typically they dread the whole idea and, more often than not, give up, saying, “I guess I just can’t lose weight.”

While this sounds logical, it’s not the best way to go about it.

The best way to accomplish your weight loss goal is to first begin with a clear vision of yourself having already achieved it. You may even get a photo of yourself at your ideal weight.

See yourself at your ideal weight now. Imagine how you will look when you’ve reached your goal. How will you feel once you’ve succeeded?

Leverage: your carrot and stick

We are all motivated by one of two things; to gain pleasure or avoid pain. This has become known as the Carrot and Stick approach to behavior modification.

1. Your carrot

Make a list of everything you will gain by successfully accomplishing your desire. How will you feel? Imagine feeling healthy and fit. How good does that feel?

How will your clothes look on you? What are some of the things you’ll be able to do that, perhaps, you cannot do now because you’re overweight? How will you walk? How much more confidence will you have gained?

2. Your stick

Next list everything you’re now missing out on due to your being overweight. What are you not able to do? What is this costing you in terms of your health and longevity? What about your family? How does this affect them? What will you miss out on in the future by not changing now?

Really pour it on, especially the things you are already missing out on because you’re at an unhealthy weight. The more leverage on yourself you can muster the easier it will be to stick to your plan. Reading your list, from time to time, will help you reinforce your commitment to your success.

Set your goal weight

Decide on your ideal weight and set this as your goal. Determine from this how much time you will need to accomplish this in a healthy way. Crash diets rarely work in the long term. Allowing yourself about a week per pound lost is a safe and effective way to lose excess weight and keep it off.

Affirm often

You are now ready to develop your plan.


A much larger version of yours truly

I personally chose Weight Watchers International because I had spoken with a woman who had lost a significant amount of weight on Weight Watchers and kept it off for twenty five years. Of course, you can find similar success stories in Overeaters Anonymous, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Dr. Oz, and others, as well as by working with any number of weight loss and fitness coaches.

There are many different programs and systems to help you lose weight and, more importantly, change your thinking about the foods you eat and drink. Find one that feels right to you and follow it.

When I did this, now many years ago, I reached my goal a few weeks early. The people at Weight Watchers marveled at how easily I seemed to have succeeded in reaching my weight goal.

It was nice big mystery. The truth is, I set a goal, applied their program and developed and followed my plan. If you’re following a proven system in any area of life, all you have to do is . . . Follow it!

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