Is your mind your greatest enemy?

Our conscious mind is driven, mainly by our ego, and as such continues to create drama in our lives.

Our ego, in order to keep itself in charge, creates these little dramas which are designed to widen the (imagined) separation between ourselves and others. The ego loves the “Us” versus “Them” concept and revels in the chaos it creates.

I say “imagined” because, in truth, there is no separation between us and anyone or anything else on Earth.

As we quiet the ego, we begin to see the connectedness of the mosaic of life. The illusion that separates us from our world and everything in it begins to disappear.

How many of us go through our day not even noticing the amazing dance of life that surrounds us?

As Ram Dass suggested in his classic book, written in 1971, Remember: Be Here Now!

“Be still and know”

Quiet your mind and let your ego subside and you’ll begin to tune into the incredible energy that engulfs us.

As you do this and anchor yourself in the present moment, you will begin seeing the opportunities and possibilities that are always around us.

Often the answer to our greatest challenge is right in front of us but we miss it because our attention is on some past or future event.

People spend inordinate amounts of time feeling guilty about some past error, wishing they had done something differently, or hoping for something to happen in the future.

We fantasize about our future, saying things like, “If I won the lottery, I’d do such and such.”

Rather than waste your time and mental energy playing “what if . . .,” you would be infinitely better off creating a vision for your future, setting actionable goals and doing something to earn the money you might win in the lottery.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the lottery and have been known to buy a ticket from time to time (in the event God wants me to win) but I also have a clear vision of what I want and where I’m going.

Doing that, setting goals, and taking inspired action has given me the life I’ve enjoyed for more than twenty-five years.

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Let go of the past

Wasting precious time lamenting about some past event, wishing we’d done something differently and piling “shoulds” on ourselves does nothing more than take away your present happiness.

Eckhart Tolle wrote extensively on learning how to be more present in his blockbuster book, Power of Now (New World Library), and Mindfulness classes abound, teaching people how to quiet their mind and, hence, their ego.

Learning to spend more time in the present moment enables you to see the opportunities that surround you and, often will enable you to see the solution to your current “problems.”

You can read more about this idea and tips on how to be more present, in an article I wrote for Thrive Global, titled, Be present. Be not identified.

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