It’s not how long you live . . . It’s how you live long

Have you ever noticed that some people age well? They become older with grace and dignity, look vibrant and alive and remain physically and mentally active well into old age. While others begin getting old in their youth. What makes the difference? 

Why is such a large portion of our society aging poorly? Why are hospitals and nursing homes overcrowded and so many older people just barely alive? Is this a natural progression or can we alter the way we age? 

The Bible teaches us that we have a natural life expectancy of 120-150 years. Many of the well-known people in the Old Testament lived to be well over 100 years old and, in some parts of the world today, entire villages live well into triple digit ages. 

What are the secrets of a long and productive life and what can you do about it? More importantly, how can you live your life to the fullest, enjoying an abundance of health, wealth and happiness? How can you make the most of your life, for however long you are here? 

How can you live, laugh and love more? What steps can you take, starting now, to achieve the best level of health and fitness you are capable of reaching? How can you get back in touch with your dreams and desires and begin to experience them? How can you learn to age with passion, purpose, power and prosperity?

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