What are you waiting for? It’s Your Life

“In What Are You Waiting For, It’s Your Life, Jim Donovan has put together a magnificent ‘success manual’ that is down to earth, fun to read, and right on target. Read and apply Jim’s proven success principles and you will achieve extraordinary results in your life!” Jeff Keller, Author, Attitude is Everything

What Are You Waiting For-its-your-lifeThis book contains simple, practical ideas and techniques that anyone can use. By following this step-by-step success system, you can change your life from where it is now, to having the life of your dreams.

It has been an international best-seller in Japan, with sales well over six figures.

Translated into eight languages, it has helped tens of thousands of people around the world achieve the success they desire.

It does not matter where you are right now. You may be doing okay but know you can be even more successful. Or perhaps you are struggling to keep your head above water or, like most people, you’re somewhere in between.

Wherever you are right now, this book will help you devise a plan for your lifelong success. You can turn your life around beginning today. The information in this book is not theory. These are not just a lot of nice ideas. They are proven strategies that work.

These ideas have stood the test of time. The principles have been passed down through the ages. I have used these simple ideas to make major changes in my own life. 

I know the ideas in What Are You Waiting For, It’s Your Life work. I’ve used them in my own life to go from living, as Thoreau so aptly put it, ‘a life of quiet desperation,’ to living a life today that is beyond my wildest dreams. I know that if they worked for me, they’ll work for you.

Sometimes, all a person needs is a glimmer of hope. Sometimes, they need to know someone understands their frustration and what they’re going through. Sometimes, a simple little book comes along and offers that hope and encouragement.

What Are You Waiting For-its-your-life

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