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Handbook to a Happier Life

This is the new, updated, 175 page edition published by New World Library. This was Jim’s first, self-published, book and it now has twice the information and is better than ever.

“Handbook to a Happier Life is great! It is brief, easy to read, practical, and filled with useful exercises for making positive changes. This little book should be part of everyone’s self-help library.” – Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
“Handbook to a Happier Life is delicious and delightful! Jim has taken the best ‘ingredients’ of life and shows us how we can combine them into just the recipe we need to help us create a fulfilling life.” – Wally Amos, author, The Cookie Never Crumbles.

When Jim Donovan’s successful career in video and broadcast television led to a personal meltdown, he went through rehab, pulled himself up from the bottom, and started his life over. He then began giving seminars on “how to change your life” based on the simple yet effective ideas that had worked for him in his recovery. Don’t make big changes, Donovan suggests, just start slowly and move bit-by-bit toward your goal. In addition to goal-setting and goal-keeping, Donovan discusses writing personal affirmations that work, cultivating gratitude, disciplining the mind, and helping others to achieve their dreams. These easy-to-grasp concepts have helped thousands of people turn their lives around.

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stop living paycheck to paycheck


Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Learn how you can make more money and create all the wealth you want without quitting your job, mortgaging your home or risking your savings.

“I felt so empowered after reading this book. I immediately went down to my basement where I had lots of materials that needed to be recycled into cash. I have gone from feeling almost hopeless to feeling like there is abundance waiting for me! A quick, one evening read, showed me how to use my creativity to create a new stream of income.” – Patricia Gallagher, creator, Team of Angels pins.

How would you feel if you could make more money anytime you wanted . . . without leaving your present job or risking your savings . . . even if you’re starting from scratch, with little or no money?

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the little book that can change your life

The Little Book That Can Change Your Life

Essential steps to creating a happier and more fulfilling life into a short, fast moving, easy to read book to get you started creating the life you’ve always wanted right away.

The Little Book That Can Change Your Life is written for busy people on the go. People who want to get the major steps to success, right now. You can learn these important keys to your success in less than a hour.

Learn how to tap into your innermost desires to create the life you were born to live. Change the beliefs that are stopping you from having the life you want; conquer your fears, commit to your success, and know how to take inspired action to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Learn to create a compelling vision for your most amazing future and set goals and action steps necessary to make it yours. Know how to adapt quickly and master the changes that occur and how to easily turn your problems into opportunities.

All this and more in less than forty pages. Get started today, living your most amazing and awesome life.

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