One of the fastest ways I know to attract more money into your life

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Do you want to attract more money, income, or things?

Silly question. It’s natural to want more. We can desire more in our lives, while at the same time, being appreciative for what we already have. It is the gratitude and appreciation for what we’ve already been given, however big or small, that sets up our vibration to attract more.

Here’s an exercise that will astound you – go clean out your closet.

I know. At this point, you’re probably thinking I’ve gone “over the edge” but trust me, this works. I’ll explain in a moment. Keep reading.

I learned this simple activity more than 25 years ago from Louise Hay, one of the great teachers of our time. I learned a lot from her work and her books helped me to change my life, when I was first starting over. She taught me, that by cleaning out your closets you create a vacuum, and since nature abhors a vacuum, you will begin attracting more into your life, almost immediately.

As you go through whatever you’re cleaning out, especially clothes, you may even find money. This has happened to me more than once. I think it’s as much about the symbolism and energy work than the actual cleaning, but I do know it works. Don’t take my word for this, go and give it a try. The interesting thing is, since most things you want usually require you to buy them you will, more than likely, begin attracting more money.

What you are doing, in effect, is creating an energetic space in your life for something new to come in. This also works really well for attracting a new relationship. Make some space in your closets for the person and their “things.”

There are, of course, several side benefits to doing this exercise. For starters, your home will be less cluttered and neater. And you’ll be able to find things in your closet easier. Plus, you can take whatever you clean out and either sell it on ebay or at a yard sale, or bring it to a consignment shop. Any of these actions will also bring you more money in return.

If you don’t want to do that, you can donate your unwanted things, and in many cases, receive a tax break for doing so. Make sure you get a receipt when you make your donation. Lastly, for the things with no resale value, just put them out where some needy person can find them. In New York City, for example, anything left on the sidewalk is typically gone in 10 minutes or less.

Doing any of these things will make you feel lighter and more prosperous. That good feeling will bring you more of whatever you want.

Remember, feeling good is the “point of attraction.” Anything less is not.

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