Three Little Words That Can Change Your Life

The other day I was watching a video of the late Og Mandino. It was his last recorded seminar prior to his passing and is available at

I’ve been a big fan of his for many years and have listened to several of his audio programs and read most of his 14 books. I especially identified with the fact that he, like me, he had been down and out at one time, caught up in the throes of addiction.

Incidentally, what changed his life, and mine, was reading self-help books and listening to audio personal development programs. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. We become what we think about and what we think about is the result of what we put into our mind.

In the video, Og tells the story of the life of actress Lillian Roth, played by Susan Hayward in the move I’ll Cry Tomorrow. She, too, was living in despair, unable to change her life until she uttered three little words, which are the same words I used when I was in despair, and are the basis of Mandino’s talk and, hence, this article.

These three short words, totaling a mere nine letters, are the most powerful words any of us can use to create a shift. They work whether one is suffering from an addiction, as in the case of Ms. Roth, growing a business, losing weight, attracting a relationship or, as is my present case, marketing a new book.

The words, which you may have already guessed are, “I need help!”

How simple is that? Yet, how often do you ask for help?

Most of us would rather offer to help a friend than ask that same friend to help us. I’m not sure exactly why this is so. Maybe we don’t like to admit needing anyone’s help, I know I don’t, because it makes us vulnerable or may be perceived as a sign of weakness. Women are better at asking for help when they need it but we men, for the most part, try to appear “macho” and able to handle everything by ourselves.

If you want to get ahead in your life, especially in business, you’ll need to ask for help from time to time. We all need help. Success is a team sport.

In their wonderful book, The Aladdin Factor, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen suggest you ask, ask, ask, and keep asking for what you need. This, by the way, is how I obtained Mr. Canfield’s endorsement for my first book, Handbook to a Happier Life.

What is it you need help with? Who could you ask? (hint: everyone)

Whatever it is you need help with, begin with the people closest to you and branch out from there to include your friends and network. If necessary, ask total strangers. You’d be amazed at how willing people are to help if only they are asked.

So, what do you need?

Post what will help you in the comments section of this article and let’s see if we can get you the help you want. Please do not post asking people to send you money or any other off topic requests or it will be deleted.

If your need is something I, or someone I know, can help with, I’ll do what I can as will, I’m sure, our other readers.

Remember, in an abundant universe, we all win!

“I have come that you should have life and that you should have it abundantly” John 10:10

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35 thoughts on “Three Little Words That Can Change Your Life

  1. Hello Jim,

    I normally do not post comments but I stumbled upon your website and listened to your audio “yes you can” which is very encouraging! I was recently fired from a job due to going over a bereavement policy. I am in the process of finding a new job but I need help in remaining positive. I have an idea of what I would like to do and how much money I will make, but I need help to continue remaining positive. I still have not received my unemployment and it has been almost a month of my discharge. I already put in an appeal..please help me to refocus on the bigger picture in my discharge and is there a bigger plan for my life? I’m sure it is but I’m sure you have some techniques to see me through. Any help from you is greatly appreciated!!



    • Hi Heather,
      Thank you for taking the time to write.
      I realize how frustrating your situation can seem.
      The “secret,” from my own experience, is to stay focused on what is working; what’s going right; and what’s good in your life.
      the more you can keep your attention to what you want and what’s working, the more you’re attracting your desires.
      The problem occurs when we start looking at our problems or, in your case, notice the absence of your unemployment money coming. Keep in mind that the law of attraction works regardless of whether it’s something we want or something we don’t.
      Always reach for whatever feeling feels better than the one you’re feeling. Little by little, you begin feeling better and better.
      Devote some time each day to “imagining” yourself in the work you desire, enjoying the life you want. Hold on to that vision until it’s your new reality.
      I would humbly recommend my book, “What are you waiting for? It’s Your Life.” It contains the exact process I used to rebuild my own life and has helped many, many people throughout the world. Of all my books, it has been the one that has reached and touched the lives of more people than the others combined.

      • Hello Jim,

        I want to thank you for your feedback and I am forever grateful for your encouraging words!! I just ordered your book that you have recommended and I’m looking forward to reading it! I will follow up with you once I have finished the book. Thank you Jim again! Many blessings to you!


        • And blessings to you.
          Just keep your focus on what is going right, however small it may be at times, and you’ll be moving in the right direction.
          You hinted at the idea of there being a “bigger picture.” It seems like something’s waiting for you. Nothing happens by accident in God’s universe.
          What if you start imagining that bigger picture? What would it be?

          Enjoy the book,

  2. Hi Jim
    Thank you so much, I do need help, I feel my whole life I am stuck, no great achievement, or commitment, , I always close up or run away from my problems. But now its time to face them and be more productive in life. Thank you, I will get the resources and help I need to make these changes in my life

  3. Hi Jim ,
    Thanks for the great article and the inspiring idea of asking people what help they need.
    I just think that’s such a lovely idea and something I will do too when I get the chance 🙂
    I am passionate about a particular area of human rights – parents who have intellectual disability/ learning difficulty – and helping communities , services and families work together for better outcomes.
    My long term plan is to put together a book ( slowly I expect !) -of my years of experience and knowledge in this area…bringing the voice of the parent to the people and helping others be more aware and understanding. I thought I might generate material for it by writing a blog.
    I could probably write any number of questions here but as I am very new and green to the whole idea no doubt any advice will be useful !
    I am curious though for advice and thoughts on self publishing as that just feels like a big mysterious minefield out there 😉
    Thanks for any thoughts
    Anji Alexander

    • Hi,
      Thanks for commenting. I think your passion is something that is much needed and that there are a lot of ways you could pursue it. Self-publishing is a good place to begin and is not as difficult as you might think. There’s a lot of information online and some great books on the subject. I’d start with Dan Poynter’s “Self-publishing Manual.” Dan is a great person to follow is perhaps the foremost authority on the subject. You can find him at
      One way to get moving on it is to start writing/blogging on the subject now to begin building an audience and, when you’re ready, create your book from what you written.
      I wish you the best with your dream.

  4. Hi,
    How are you?
    I am so thankful to you because of the book you wrote
    “52 ways of happier life’.
    Yes ‘I need help’
    I am a Pharmacist in Pickering, Ontario,Canada and also have my small Pharmacy Business.I have constructed the Pharmacy in such a way that I can set up a walk-in clinic or a doctor’s office inside the Pharmacy area.
    I need to get a Family Doctor who wishes to start his own practise or wants to relocate his practise.
    That will help me to improve my business a lot.
    I need help.
    thank you

    • Hi Manish,
      Thank you for your kind words about my new book and for taking the time to comment.
      As far as finding a doctor who wants to set up in your Pharmacy area, I think it’s a terrific idea. Have you contacted medical schools in your area, looking for doctors who are about to enter practice? Or, perhaps there’s a local group of doctors who meet regularly and who may be able to spread the word for you? Or even mailing a letter to, perhaps 100 doctors in the geographic area.
      I wish you the bet of success in your quest.

      • Thank you so much Jim.
        I have not tried to contact the Schools,I will do that.
        I will also find group of doctors and reach them.
        Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.
        thank you again.

  5. Hi Jim, and all those involved in this. First of all, THANK YOU!!! Thanks for opening yet another door to success. I am in the process of finishing a book on the laws and principles of my personal success here in Costa Rica, and I am very happy with it. I know a lot of people will benefit from it. Nevertheless, in my country to publish a book on paper is not a practical option and I don’t know how to publish it and sell it as an e-book. I need help to put it out there. The rest will take care of itself. Great blessings to all of you.

    • Hi,
      That’s great that you’re finishing your book. I’d suggest that you go to and look for the “Kindle” publishing option. You can publish your book there at no cost to you. Also, there’s a company, “” who will, again at no cost other than a small percentage of sales, convert it into several ebook formats and distribute it through several online ebook sellers, including the iBook Store, Barnes &, and several others.

      I’d also suggest you invest a little money and get a good looking ebook cover. is a good place to find someone who will design a cover for you for only $5. Once you’re selling, you can always publish in print through Amazon’s “CreateSpace” service.

      Wishing you the best of success.

  6. Hi!

    Most of my problem is learning to use this computer, I am new to it, so if someone their would be willing to help, I’m asking for help. A little about me, I’m a pretty healthy 65 years old that would like to be wealthy.
    It is unfortunate that most people have programs, but don’t get to the nitty gritty of telling you how to do it, from start to end. Please help!


    • Hi Ginny,
      My suggestion would be to start by locating a senior center or school in your area who offers free computer courses. Then it’s a matter of first deciding what you want to do to become wealthy. There is all sorts of information online, perhaps too much. The challenge is finding out what you want first and then looking to see what will fit your goals.

      Keep seeking, keep asking and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  7. HI I recently been early retired disabed Im 52, Im not sure if this is what you are talking about posting but I need someone to either donate a car to me or something I just lost the vehicle I had because when I went on disability my salary has been more then cut half, or maybe you could help me with some personal coaching to pull me out of this situation. because of my salary I had even been homeless for 2&1/2 yers until march of this year so things have got somewhat better but I need someone to take me and help me with whatever talent strength wisdom program whatever way you can help me please.

  8. Hi Jim, Thanks for sending me this excellent article entitled, Three Little Words.

    What do I need? Well let me try to put it in words.
    My wife and I, happily married for 44 years, have just closed our Travel Business which we started in 1969. We specialized in taking people on Bus Tours. We travelled all over and branched out to taking groups to Europe, etc.
    Our Tours where very personal. We really looked after people.This was our passion, and we enjoyed every bit of it.Our daughter Tammy worked with us.

    However lets fast forward to about three weeks ago when we closed our business.

    I am 72 years of age and my wife is 67 years of age.
    We decided the time was right to close.

    I have medical problems such as prostate issues, diabetes,
    poor memory,Stress. My weight is way out of control and I am not eating the foods I should be.

    My biggest limiting belief is that I am old and will not find other ways to fill my time. I certainly will not be inactive.

    So what I need is to take my problems and slowly work on them. I am doing this now that I am taking your Audio course, “This is your life”. I have had this course 4 or 5 days now. I have always belived THAT YOUR THOUGHTS Influence your life.

    Thanks again for all the awesome books, audios etc. that you have.


    Bill Rivers

    I hope I did not write too much! God Bless!

    • Bill,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your kind words about my books. I see you also ordered “Don’t Let an Old Person Move Into Your Body.” I’m pleased you did that since, for one thing, that book has an extensive chapter on health with some suggestions, taken from leading medical sources, about improving memory and overall health.

      I think when you read about some of the people in the book who were still going strong way beyond 72, you’ll get some inspiration. I think once you start taking care of your health issues, you’ll start to realize you can still do whatever you want.

      We’re all aging but getting old is a state of mind that can attack at any age and is, I believe, caused by a lack of passion for life. I’d suggest you might want to find something else that excites you and begin anew. Of course it doesn’t have to be a business. Maybe a book about your travels? Whatever makes you happy.

      You can begin now to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.


  9. Jim, enjoy your articles. I need help knowing how to better market to churches. I’m a Christian storyteller, speaker, character actress, and songwriter. I’m working on a new website which will include video clips. I’ve been on the web researching churches and the contacts before sending a post card to them. I’m on FB, Twitter, and Linkedin. I also want to get into more conferences. I’ll also be sending some video to YouTube and GodTube. Thanks for any help or suggestions. God bless.

    • Hi Janet,

      It sounds as though you’re off to a good start. One thing I have been told is that churches want to know what other churches you’ve spoken to.

      Also, it would be great if you can find someone who has done work in this market and see if they can help. And, if you have a book or audio to sell, it’s probably a plus. Churches need to raise money too and are open to revenue share.

      You may want to start by simply offering to do some talks. One can lead to the next and so on.

      Wishing you the best on your journey.

  10. thanks God for having you..that make peoples life better…I am fond of writing but not sure if it helps other….if it is okay can i contribute some articles so that I can avail some of your books in exchanged of it…I have two sons in College and I am the one working which means I don’t have money to buy your books and even doing part time just to send them to school.hope you can help me with this bargain…thanks

  11. Dear Jim, i need help.
    Im 21 and from the uk. I have enjoyed reading your compassionate and thought provoking words, specifically your message on allowing more abundance into our lives and how we put value on wealth.

    Now my question is i am not quite sure what to do with my life, ill explain…
    im good at many things, you could say a jack of all trades, master on none.
    now i would like to put more concentrated effort into one thing for it to become my “purpose” so to speak. My direction, ive taken it to the big boss and he does appear to be shaping my life, but i was just wondering if you have any wise words about critically evaluating myself to ‘choose’ a direction rather than follow one blindly.

    thank you, god bless


    • Hi J,

      Thanks for your comment.

      A good indicator as to what direction to go is usually looking at those thing that come easy to you and things that bring you joy. I’m sure there are thing you find easy that other’s may find difficult. This is usually your natural ability and, I feel, that’s the direction to look at.

      For example, writing is something I just do. I find it fun and it comes really easy. That’s how I figured out it would be a good career path. Of course, there’s nothing that says you have to have only one “purpose.” You may find several things that you enjoy and ways to manage them all.

      Just follow your heart and trust your instincts.


  12. Hi Jim,
    This message was exactly what I needed to hear yesterday. I laughed when I came to post a comment to find that you originally wrote this a year ago. God has a great sense of humor and timing. I also love Og Mandino and William Danforth- the two authors I go back to again and again. You are the 2nd person in two days to ask about needing help. Yes, I know that I do but I don’t know how anyone else can help. This is similar to hitting the bottom before getting in recovery. What I have learned over the years is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and something will eventually change. I have many years in recovery and I think all of those years is what is keeping me going right now. I am married with 2 children (5 and 2)with both children having medical issues. My 2 year old has cerebral palsy and doesn’t sleep more than 1 hour at a time on most night. My 5 year year old is having breathing problems. The finances have run out and it seems that every time I move toward a shift something happens. Last week I launched a new website and then my 5 year old had to get rushed to the hospital and spend 24 hours on oxygen and medication. The understanding that I had no idea how anyone could help me and my family in this time of overwhelm was an eye opener. I need to think on this and find some ways to allow people to help us. Thank you for the post and the opportunity to become more aware in my life. I am glad I found your site and your newsletter.

  13. OK, I need help. To quit my job and finally finish college? This is my third time attempting to finish college and only have 14 classes left. I live the industry I am in but the lack of morale where I am at does not exist at all! Its hard coming to work when everyone in the whole company dreads coming to work.

    • Jeanette,


      I can appreciate how you feel, however, remember that only you can affect the way you feel. You may want to focus on the good things about your workplace and try to be around whatever positive people are there.

      Can you finish college without having to leave your job? How else can you accomplish your goal?

      Sometimes, by changing the questions we ask ourselves, we gain insight.

    • Jeannette,

      One month today I quit my job the best thing I ever did I now I am now fighting to get my extended benefits of unemployment back and we will see what happend .I need you Jeannette to continue with your school bluntly as this sounds you are almost there and need my help to get you there simply because I have been there at one time with only 9 more classes to go I just gave up and did not want to continue I was burned from one end to another and could not see the light in the tunnel at one point my advisor called my number and said you have 5 months to recover before you will have to pay back loans that was all I needed to hear in the mean time my unemployment also ran out and I found this dead end job which was a nightmare. I am not stupid nor do I need to be harrassed so I quit and have returned back to school with a help me attitude. I need for you to get into the help me mode and others will help by the way this is the first time I ask for help ????
      My best to you

    • H

      I’m not sure what you mean when you ask about referring my wellness and performance seminar in organizations. Do you work for a company who might be interested in this program? If you email me, we can discuss this further.

      Thank you,

  14. Hi Jim, Thanks for your article on Three Little Words… yes, I need help. I’m doing another tele-class training series on “How to Set and Achieve Specific Measurable Results in Record Time!” and I have a feeling your readers could come up with great questions they want answered during the FREE up coming preview call which will be recorded. Who do you know including yourself that would love to help?

    As always… thanks.


  15. Hi Jim, Your articles have been inspiring and I have appreciated them immensely. I am the author of Why Me? the story of my recovery from Black Melanoma and 6 weeks to live which was 28 years ago. My book is not really about cancer as such, but the mental cancer that destroyed my attitudes and consequently relationships and business. What goes on in your mind determines your destiny. That is why the good Book says, “Be renewed in your mind” I knew I needed to do that, but the practical application was a different story. My book talks about my total recovery, spirit, soul and body. It is available from my website. I have had so many wonderful comments about my book. I really want to get it out there to help others going through the same relationship issues and also health challenges. What I have done, they can also.