What are you telling yourself about your future?

You may have heard the 1975 disco song, Jive Talkin’ by the legendary Bee Gees.

While it makes for a terrific dance song, it’s not so good when it’s what you tell yourself about your life and your potential. What we refer to as “Self-Talk,” that internal dialog we have with ourselves, which we sometimes refer to as thinking, could be more accurately be called “Jive Talk’,” because that’s what it is.

We’re “jiving” ourselves with a steady internal dialog of negative statements and unproductive commentary about the conditions in our life.

woman worried about futureThe majority of people, unfortunately, spend their waking hours having a running negative dialog in their heads. They lament about the things they didn’t do, the opportunities they missed, and what they “wish” they did.

They then shift to the present where their internal dialog turns to what’s wrong with them, their spouse, the company, the government, and the world in general.

From there, if there’s any time left, they can worry about the uncertain future they’re facing, the diseases they “could” suddenly be stricken with, and what may or may not happen in some future time.

And they then want to know why they’re not happy! How could anyone be happy after listening to all that?

They’re defending their limitations in a limitless universe. As author, Richard Bach wrote, ”Argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours.

The unfortunate and sad part about this is that our subconscious mind does not know that these things we are telling ourselves are things we do not want to attract so it brings us more of the same.

Your subconscious mind takes everyhing you say literally and acts upon it. And it does not recognize opposites so, for example, saying “I don’t want to be broke,” is perceived as “I want to be broke” by your sunconscious mind and, the obedient servant it is, it goes about making sure you stay broke.

My colleague Eckhart Tolle wrote in “A New Earth” that, what happens is not the cause of our unhappiness, it’s the story we’re telling ourselves about what happened. If you want to stop feeling unhappy, start telling yourself a different story.

Turn your jive talk into power talk by writing a new story about your life, as you would like it to be.

Create some simple affirmations – positive, empowering statements – to reinforce your new story.

Statements like, “I’m becoming healthier and more fit each day” will go a long way toward your making better health choices.

If you want more money, a statement like, “I see opportunities to attract money daily and am becoming wealthier and wealthier” is a whole lot better than, I’m never have any money,” which is what many people are saying and conditioning their minds with.

The first and most important step in changing any condition in your life, whether it’s health, finances, relationships, career, or any other area, is to start writing a new story about how you want things to be.

Stop reinforcing the same old tired tale of woe you’ve been telling yourself all along and write your new vision for your life in all its glory.

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2 thoughts on “What are you telling yourself about your future?

  1. Jim – even though I’ve heard you say this before, and I understand, this arriving in my inbox today hit a note – your timing was impeccable. Thanks for being the person you are and sharing such words of wisdom!