What can a motivational speaker do for your small business?

Ignite and inspire your employees with a motivating seminar

Small businesses can also benefit from hiring in a motivational speaker to ignite and empower their people to improve performance.

motivational speaker jim donovanA professional motivational speaker, delivering an inspiring message, is not just for giant corporations and large gatherings anymore. Smaller businesses can, and should, take advantage of these types of employee development programs and it need not break your budget.

Many speakers, myself included, would rather charge less to a local business than spend their lives in airports and hotels. In addition to the big-event, five figure speakers, there are many other talented motivational speakers who are willing to deliver a powerful program for your company at a more affordable cost.

I have delivered programs for companies with less than sixty employees. I have trained management and sales people, sharing with them skills they can then pass on to their subordinates.

The value of such programs, over time, far outweighs the modest cost.

If you are considering investing in the development and well being of your people, a worthwhile investment that will pay you back for years to come, here are a few tips to help ensure your event is a success.

First, bring in someone from outside your company, a professional speaker. This not only exposes your people to fresh, new ideas but has the added advantage of showing them you care enough to invest in their development. Doing this will greatly improve morale.

Also the professional speaker brings a bit of “celebrity” to your company, especially if they also happen to be an author, as many are. And your people are more apt to listen to someone who is not part of their daily life.

Hire locally
Search for speakers who are a reasonable distance from your event. Most of us have special “local” rates and you save on the cost of travel and expenses.

Communicate your needs and expectations
A professional speaker will focus their program on your needs to ensure that the key elements that are important to your business are included.

Look to your vendors for possible sponsorship
Often, a vendor or supplier will benefit from having their name associated with your event.

For example, a local hospital, wanting to host a motivating employee development seminar for their staff, was able to partner with a pharmaceutical supplier who absorbed the costs. In addition to the obvious good will, the pharmaceutical group was able to network with attendees at the event and during breaks.

Several years ago, I was hired by a large tele-communications company to conduct a series of small business marketing seminars. The telecom gained access to and “share-of-mind” among audience members and the attendees, small business owners, benefited from the ideas presented and networking opportunity.

If you think creatively you will find that it is not only possible for even a small businesses to offer motivational seminars to their employees but that it is an investment that will pay you back over and over again.

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10 thoughts on “What can a motivational speaker do for your small business?

  1. I just wanted to thank you for going over some of the benefits of getting a motivational speaker. It’s interesting to think that this could actually improve morale, especially if the speaker is not part of the company. Kind of interested to learn more about the prep work that happens once a speaker has been hired, and if there is some kind of briefing to let the know what the company’s situation is like.

  2. Motivational speakers sound pretty great. I like how you said that they can help a business owner communicate their needs and expectations. I know I get tired of hearing my boss talk, so hearing it from a professional speaker would be a nice change!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Ridley. You’re right, having someone like myself speak to your employees will give them new ideas and skills which they can use to improve every aspect of their life, including work. Investing in the right type of training, one that goes beyond simply motivation, is important. For example, I expect a 20% increase in sales as a result of my “Happy at Work for Salespeople” program.

  3. I like how you mentioned that bringing in a motivational speaker exposes your people to fresh, new ideas. It was nice that you included that doing this will greatly improve morale. My cousin works for a small business whose sales have been declining, leaving employees discouraged. Considering bringing in a motivational speaker could be beneficial to their business.

    • Thanks for your comment Brynne. Yes, bringing someone in for a training would certainly help improve morale which will, in turn, help to increase sales. FYI salespeople in a positive state of mind are 37% more effective than those who are negative or neutral. Our “Happy at Work” program is designed to teach people how to make themselves feel better at any time.

  4. Recently my friend has been having a hard time at work. You mentioned that professional speaker will focus their program on your needs to ensure that the key elements that are important to your business are included. Do most companies offer this type of program for their employees? I wonder if this type of thing would be helpful for him.

    • Derek,
      Thank you for taking the time to write.
      Unfortunately not everyone sees the value in offering personal development training to their employees. It’s their loss since this type of training in particular raises people’s self-esteem and happiness since they are now clear as to what motivates them and what their goals are. This results in increased performance and happiness which increases the overall result for the company.
      Another benefit many companies are offering is access to a coach. Again, the investment in the employee results in increases across the board.

  5. Hi, I was simply checking out this blog and I really admire the premise of the article and this is really informative. I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks